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About the books

What age group are the Witch P.I./Susan Hall Investigates suitable for?
Although aimed primarily at adults, the books are suitable for those aged 16+.

Who is most likely to enjoy these books?
If you’re looking for a hard-boiled, strait-laced mystery, then you’re probably in the wrong place. If you’re looking for mystery wrapped up in a whole lot of crazy, then welcome aboard.

How long are the books?
All books are 50,000+ words in length (paperbacks: 200+ pages).

How many books are there in the Witch P.I. Mystery series?
There are 12 books in each season. To-date there are three seasons published/planned.

What is the recommended reading order for the Witch P.I. Mysteries?
Although each book contains a standalone mystery/mysteries, there are certain background themes and stories which run through all the books.

Season one: Witch Is When…
#1 Witch Is When It All Began
#2 Witch Is When Life Got Complicated
#3 Witch Is When Everything Went Crazy
#4 Witch Is When Things Fell Apart
#5 Witch Is When The Bubble Burst
#6 Witch Is When The Penny Dropped
#7 Witch Is When The Floodgates Opened
#8 Witch Is When The Hammer Fell
#9 Witch is When My Heart Broke
#10 Witch is When I Said Goodbye
#11 Witch is When Stuff Got Serious
#12 Witch is When All Was Revealed

Season two: Witch Is Why…
#13 Witch is Why Time Stood Still
#14 Witch is Why The Laughter Stopped
#15 Witch is Why Another Door Opened
#16 Witch is Why Two Became One
#17 Witch is Why The Moon Disappeared
#18 Witch is Why The Wolf Howled
#19 Witch is Why The Music Stopped
#20 Witch is Why A Pin Dropped
#21 Witch is Why The Owl Returned
#22 Witch is Why The Search Began
#23 Witch is Why Promises Were Broken
#24 Witch is Why It Was Over

Season three: Witch Is How…
#25 Witch is How Things Had Changed
#26 Witch is How Poison Tasted Good
#27 Witch is How The Mirror Lied
#28 Witch is How The Tables Turned
#29 Witch is How The Drought Ended
#30 Witch is How The Dice Fell
#31 Witch is How The Biscuits Disappeared
#32 Witch is How Dreams Became Reality
#33 Witch is How Bells Were Saved
#34 Witch is How To Fool Cats
#35 Witch is How To Lose Big
#36 Witch is How Life Changed Forever

How will I know when a new book has been published?
I have produced a Release Schedule however this may be subject to change. The best way to find out when a new book is published is to subscribe to my (no spam) New Release Notification List.

Where can I buy the ebooks?
The ebooks (Kindle) can be purchased only through Amazon. If you do not have a Kindle you can still read the books on the FREE Kindle Reading App available on most devices.

Where can I buy the paperbacks?
Please see this page for more details on paperback versions of the books.

Are the books available as audio books ?
All books (except shorts and omnibuses) will eventually be made into audio books. To check which are available please see this page. You can try Audible and get two FREE Audiobooks HERE.

Will the books/audiobooks have whispersync?
The decision as to when or even if a book/audiobook has Whispersync is not something that I (the author) can control . That is a decision made by Amazon/Audible.

Who publishes the books?
Adele Abbott’s books are published by Implode Publishing Ltd.

About the silly stuff

Where can I see a picture of Winky, Barry, Albert and Hamlet?
You will find pictures of them all on the Adele’s World page. And don’t forget to see what Winky is up to in Winky’s Corner.