Winky’s Corner

Hi there Winky fans (or as I like to think of you: my Winkettes). Welcome to the most important page on this web site. I know that most of you only read The Witch P.I. Series for me. Why Adele won’t give me my own series is beyond me. Until such time as she sees the light you will just have to get your Winky fix on this page.

I love you all.


Slowly, slowly, catchee birdie
I’ll catch that bird if it’s the last thing I do.

Busy, busy, busy
Keeping up with social media can be such hard work.

Fur loss?
Look no further than Winky’s patented fur restorer.

What? Who are you calling lazy? I’ve had a very busy week.

Now, that’s what I call a selfie.
Say cheese? I’d much rather say ‘salmon’.

Scratching that vinyl
DJ Winkmaster is in the house, y’all.

Cat got skillz
I call this one the Winkloopy Special.

Cosy warm!
Don’t tell the old bag lady, will you?

Looking good!
Bella is one lucky lady to get all of this cat to herself.

Don’t tell Jill! You know how fussy she can be about this old desk.

Afraid? Who me?
Of course I wasn’t afraid. It just made me jump, that’s all.

Ain’t no lock going to keep me out.
The old bag lady may think her wool is safe in that linen basket, but we know better, don’t we?

Sweet nothings
Another love letter from my sweet Bella.

A message to all Winkettes
What do you mean you don’t do semaphore?
Cat waving flags (semaphore) - 300