Adele’s Crazy World

Welcome to the crazy world of Adele Abbott. The information below will hopefully allow you to navigate your way around the ‘world’ in which the Witch P.I. Mysteries are set:

The Locations
Located in the ‘human’ world, Washbridge also has its fair share of sups (supernaturals) and ghosts. It is home to Jill Gooder, star of the Witch P.I. Mysteries, and Susan Hall, star of the Susan Hall Mysteries.

Is home to sups (supernatural creatures including witches, wizards, vampires etc). It is also where Jill Gooder’s birth family live.

GT (Ghost Town)
As the name suggests, this is where all the ghosts hang out. The only non-ghosts who can visit GT are parahumans such as Mad(eline) Lane – our intrepid ghost hunter.

The Leading Ladies
Jill Gooder (The Witch P.I. Mysteries)
Private Investigator and witch. Jill divides her time between Washbridge and Candlefield.

Susan Hall (The Susan Hall Mysteries)
Investigative reporter, Susan, is a human living in Washbridge. She shares an apartment with three others who, unbeknown to her, are sups (supernaturals)

The Animals (or as Winky would say, the real stars of the show)
Jill Gooder’s one-eyed, crazy cat. Favourite saying: Salmon please. Red not pink, obviously.

Don’t forget to see what Winky is up to in Winky’s Corner.

Jill Gooder’s sweet but simple, Labradoodle. Favourite saying: Can I go for a walk? I like to walk. Can I, please?

Barry’s pet hamster. Favourite saying: To be or not to be, that is the question.

Mad Lane’s loyal, but fierce companion. Favourite saying: Shall I tear his leg off now?